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Great Night of Stand-up Comedy!


Last night, I performed at Flapper’s Comedy Club in Burbank, CA with headliner Grant Lyon (as seen on Bob & Tom Show) and many other hilarious comedians! The room was packed and everyone seemed to be having a blast.

I will be starting a mailing list, too. I want to stay connected to my newly found “fans” and friends. I want to be able to send out discounted tickets and other free things. Stay tuned if you’re interested!

Thank you for reading and thank you for your continuous support. Now, go fist bump fifty people or you will have bad luck for the next nine days.


Just call me… “Andystotle.”

A Conversation

 Andy H.

Get off of your low horse,
get off of your mule,
your miniature pony,
and get back on your high horse.
Feed it, be nice to it, but just stop riding it;
because it just can’t handle it.
You don’t know how to build something from wood?
So what? Neither do I.
But it can be learned.
However, you can articulate and read and philosophize.
You can understand morals, emotions, concepts, principles, social and psychological issues;
you can teach, draw, rhyme, create, and make people laugh and make people think.
If you think they play no role in humanity, you’re wrong.
They play a huge role.
If you think that they’re nothing special among people
and we all should just build roads and forget about all of the other aspects to life;
Just remember that these are different kinds of roads;
That are necessary and special in their own way because not everyone can build them.
Those who can, are known as teachers, speakers, writers, singers, and artists.
They help people see the light, give new insight, change view points,
and teach things that otherwise would have gone unknown to others.
Critical thinkers keep mankind moving forward;
They keep gray in a world that would otherwise be black and white.
and you say this mindset isn’t critical.
It is more than critical; it’s vital for survival.
That’s how our minds have survived evolution.
So, you can choose to feel inferior all you want.
Just know, it’s not a good choice.
Get off your low horse.
– Andy Hartley (c) 2013

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