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New website screen shot! is the NEW homepage for Comedian Andy Hartley! is the NEW homepage for Comedian Andy Hartley!


Listen to “A Double S” here!

If you want to hear Andy Andrew’s new song, “A Double S”, you  can do so here!


Andy Andrew “A Double S” is for you!

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Andy Andrew's single, "A Double S" available for download!

Andy Andrew’s single, “A Double S” available for download!

Andy Andrew’s original song, “A Double S” is available for download!

Da Wheelz (Wheels On the Bus) Cover

Rapper Andy Andrew covers a children’s classic.

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New comedy-rap song, “A Double S” becomes “hot chart mover!”

The new comedy-rap song, “A Double S” by Andy Andrew becomes a “hot chart mover” on

  • hit the charts at #50

  • jumped to #17 in the comedy genre category

  • ranked #5 in the adult-comedy subcategory

(a screenshot from

This song is available on

The new comedy/rap song, “A Double S” available for download!

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New hit single

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New comedy/rap song available for download!

The new hit comedy/rap song, “A Double S” is now available on!