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New website screen shot! is the NEW homepage for Comedian Andy Hartley! is the NEW homepage for Comedian Andy Hartley!


What is this all about!?

Theatre & Standup Comedy

My name is Andy and I like to perform in front of other people. Perform what? That’s a good question. I like to perform standup comedy and sometimes I do accompany myself with my guitar to play my original comedy songs, and other times I like to perform theatre. Either way, it feels good to move people with emotions, whether they’re laughing or crying, either way, I like to move people (That was really deep, huh?). At times, I feel like some people need a new perspective or an alternate view on something, however, at different times, its necessary just to go out and have a good laugh (as opposed to a bad laugh?). With that being said, the laugh doesn’t have to be from any particular view point at all, it can just be plain silly. Silly is a silly word. The word itself triggers at least a minimal response from whatever chemical gets released in my body telling me to laugh.

My first open mic

As a performer, I’ve come a long way but I know that I have a long way to go. Let me be clear, I want to be successful and not necessarily famous. Fame is usually a byproduct. Recently, I moved to Los Angeles to hone my craft. My primary focus at this point is to be a standup comedian. I still have a passion for acting but the comedian in me is in full gear. In 2006, I had my first comedy performance at an open mic in a bar in Des Moines, IA. Let me be very honest… I bombed pretty badly.

I walked in and the emcee (Ben) was on stage. He asked me if I wanted to tell some jokes; I lied to him and said, “No thanks, I’m just here to hang out at the bar.” Now that I think about it, I was by myself, which probably looked pretty weird. Little did he know, I actually DID go there to try out some jokes that I had written but I let my fear get the best of me. After watching a few people go on stage, I finally got the courage to give it a shot. I got up on stage with my jokes on a piece of paper in one hand, the mic in the other, and so it began. I’m proud to say that I got a laugh that night! Hey, that’s one thing that I’ll always remember. As with many things in life, no matter how many there are after, there will always be the memory of that first time. I don’t remember much of anything else that night (No, not because I drank, because I had tunnel vision and a lot of nerves.) but I do remember that particular moment.


©2009 Andy Hartley

Growing as a performer

Over the course of the next few years, I alternated between performing standup comedy and theatre. In 2007, I began doing theatre a lot and put my comedy on hold. After a couple years of theatre, I went back to comedy. I tend to focus on one at a time. I finally started to figure out who I am as a comedian. Recently, I’ve really began to feel the change. It’s a good feeling. In 2011, I put on my second comedy show in Des Moines, IA (My first show was in Colfax, IA where I was living at that time.). I got to do both because of the help and support from many great friends.

In 2011 I had grown as a performer since 2007, and now in 2013, I’ve grown even more. Not everyone goes through this type of process but we all grow differently. No matter what your profession may be, it feels great to grow.

Pictured below are some of my great friends showing their support!© 2011 Andy Hartley 

© 2011 Andy Hartley

Now, I’m living in Los Angeles and meeting some great people. Of course, many of which are fellow comedians and actors. I owe a big thank you to everyone who has helped & supported in the past and to those who continue to do so! Please check back often as I will be updating any upcoming show. I would love for you to come and see what my comedy show is all about! Thank you for reading this cheesy blog. 😀

If you have any questions, concerns, or comments feel free to post them on my blog or email me at: andyhartleycomedy@gmail[dot]com.

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Andy Hartley Show in Emerson, IA

Survivor’s Ink Party

Emerson, IA

July 7, 2012

It was a great weekend to perform in Emerson, IA, on July 7th. The weather was beautiful as people filled in at the Survivor’s Ink Client Appreciation Party. There was a wide variety of musical genres being performed on each of the two stages, from rap artists to rock bands to acoustic solo artists.

Along with the musical performers was the Andy Hartley Show!

Andy Hartley in Emerson, IA

Survivor's Ink Client Appreciation Party

A special thanks to everyone who came out to support and enjoy the performers & thank you to the performers themselves, including Survivor’s Ink, for putting on this spectacular event!

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New webpage banner!

New webpage banner

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