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New website screen shot! is the NEW homepage for Comedian Andy Hartley! is the NEW homepage for Comedian Andy Hartley!


I’m working on my first feature film…

My first feature length film!

I’m working on my first feature length film.┬áIt’s a goofy comedy, titled, “Dale’s Movie.” Dale is a loud-mouthed character with little to no self-awareness. You know, one of “those types of people” who crinkle their M&Ms bag for every single M&M during a movie? Yeah. Anyway, the script is basically finished. Now, I’m working on the storyboard.

Below are two facebook images I created to promote the film. I had to change the name of the film from “Dale” to “Dale’s Movie” because the title, “Dale” has already been used.

(c) 2013 Andy Hartley

(c) 2013 Andy Hartley

(c) 2013 Andy Hartley

(c) 2013 Andy Hartley


If you have any advice or are interested in my project, please let me know! I’d love to hear from other indie filmmakers to hear your stories!

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Andy Hartley Acting & Stand-up Comedy

Some quick facts about Andy Hartley

  • Grew up in Lenox, IA.
  • Began seeing performing arts as a career goal in 2006.
  • Wrote an original play was titled”Train Wreck” in 2009.
  • Mentioned in USAToday, Des Moines Register, & KCCI TV Newschannel 8.
  • Got to be a part of the “The Crazies” movie in 2009.
  • “Best Actor” award at Huff Theatre in 2010.

Aside from his original comedy show, “The Andy Hartley Show,” he has also performed in various theatre productions, commercials, short film, and played a role in a sitcom.