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Shake Weight for her!

Shake Weight for her!

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Performances of “Talking Trees” & “Bar Stool”

New webpage banner!

New webpage banner

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Watch this “A Double S” ad now!

Watch this now!

New comedy-rap song, “A Double S” becomes “hot chart mover!”

The new comedy-rap song, “A Double S” by Andy Andrew becomes a “hot chart mover” on

  • hit the charts at #50

  • jumped to #17 in the comedy genre category

  • ranked #5 in the adult-comedy subcategory

(a screenshot from

This song is available on

The new comedy/rap song, “A Double S” available for download!

You can download the new hit song at the following websites: 




Google Play

New hit single

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New comedy/rap song available for download!

The new hit comedy/rap song, “A Double S” is now available on! 


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